About Us
Rogatus (rogātūs) Latin verb. to ask for, request, inquire about.

“The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our questions.”

ROGATUS invites discussions on everything from challenging hypotheticals (Would you be willing to never see or talk to your best friend again for a million dollars?) to inquiries about tastes and desires (If you could have one new ability, what would it be?). You could also pose questions to one of our many ROGATUS Groups such as New Mothers, Romance & Relationships and Health & Wellness; or even start a Group of your own.

Learn more about family & friends, inspire self-exploration, build upon new relationships, spark interesting conversations…. the possibilities are endless….and don’t be surprised to find out that the thing you end up learning most about is….yourself!
The Death of Socrates, By Jaq Louis D’Avid (1848)

Socrates inspired people to question everything in order to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. For this, he was condemned to death by those with less progressive thinking. In a strange twist of fate and in the calm, stoic way in which he died, he ironically helped foster a new age of greater understanding and self-discovery.
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